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Why are things in the vending machines so expensive?

Vending is a convenience for students. It costs the vendor money to stock the machines. They pay the staffing, gas, etc., so they get to set the prices.

So, why should I use the vending machine if I can buy it cheaper somewhere else?

If you can buy it cheaper somewhere else, please buy it there! Again, vending is a convenience. You don’t have to waste time and money to pick up something you might want/need in the moment. By purchasing things in the vending machines, you are giving back to the Students’ Association, which receives a percentage of the profits made. More money for the Students’ Association means a better student experience for you.


I don’t like the food/drink/selections in the vending machines. What can I do?

Tell us! There is only so much say that we have in what can be stocked as many things are dependent on the contracts that our supplier has with other vendors. However, we can always ask for other selections to be provided.

Help! I’ve paid my money, but didn’t get anything in return! What do I do?

Call the phone number provided on the Vending machine. If you’ve paid cash, the operator will ask you for an address and they will mail you a check. If you’ve paid via debit/credit card, they will credit the money back to the card. The College staff and SAPC staff help you in resolving this issue.

Help!  My food is stuck in the machine!  What do I do?

See #4 above.Please don’t beat up the machine.It’s not alive.It can’t help it’s issues.



Do I have to buy my books from Portage College?

No! There are many sources for buying books.

  • Facebook:

    • Portage College Used Books 4 Sale Or Swap. (Lac La Biche)

    • portage college (cl) used books

    • Portage College Used Books 4 Sale or Swap - St. Paul

  • Amazon.ca

  • Kijiji

  • Infomall


Why do books cost so much?

Books for Post Secondary use have a limited audience and therefore fewer books are sold. Fewer of the books sold, the higher the price. For Portage College, there is also the issue of distance from the publisher. Put all of these things together, and you have a higher price for the books.


Will I use all of the books in my courses?

You should! If you don’t, or if you find that only small parts of the books are being used, please bring it up to your instructor. They may be able to find a better source instead of having students purchase an entire book.


Do I have to purchase the bundle of books being offered for my course?

If an instructor has asked for books to be bundled, it’s most likely in order to keep the costs lower. However, if you find that one or more of your books are not being utilized, refer to the answer in #3.


What happens if I take the plastic wrapper off my book?  Can I still return it?

No. If you open the wrapper, you cannot return the book. If you’re concerned about whether or not you’ll use the book in class, wait until your instructor references the book in class and then open the wrapper.


I keep reading about a “kit” that I have to purchase for my program?  What is that?

Kits are typically for trades courses, like Practical Nursing, Hairstyling and Culinary Arts. They may contain things such as syringes, hairdryers and knives. These items are essential for success in the course, so buying a kit is a must if your program requires it.


Meal Cards/Food
(Lac La Biche Campus)

Ack! I’m going to live in Residence and just found out I have to pay for a Meal Card! WHY?

Many colleges and universities have mandatory meal plans for their students.It encourages healthy eating and can help students focus on studies instead of worrying about what to eat, where to buy groceries and time to do the dishes.


I don’t like the food choices at the Grill. Can I get a refund on my Meal Card?

No.You do have an option of purchasing $25 prepaid VISA cards, which open your options to purchase food/products from the vending machines on campus.


I purchased a prepaid VISA and it’s telling me I have to pay an activation fee. Why?

This is a standard practice for prepaid VISA cards.The college does not get any of the money for that.It goes directly to VISA.


I don’t like the food on the Grill menu.

That’s okay.The staff at the Grill is always open to hear friendly feedback on the food that is served.Share you ideas with them.Who knows? Your ideas may end up on the menu!


I like to eat later in the day, but the Grill isn’t open.  What should I do?

Let the staff at the Grill know.The Grill has had later hours in the past, but students weren’t using it.It has to make a profit in order to stay open.If more students want to use it in the future, they may consider having later hours again.