About the

Students Association



The SAPC is an inclusive environment which empowers students to achieve educational goals. 


The SAPC supports student development through awareness, leadership, advocacy, and organization.

Our Story

The SAPC works to advocate for students who attend the college, offers services such as peer support, organizes social activities and community awareness events, and maintains clubs offered at the college.

We are a non-profit organization governed by a Student Council and Executive Committee. Students' Associations exist by legislative mandate of the Post Secondary Learning Act. Our Student Council and Executives are elected annually by the students, and is responsible for the affairs of the Association, much like a Board of Directors. 

The members encompass six different campuses. Three main campuses and three outlying campuses. 

It is the goal of your Students' Association to have fair and equal opportunity for each of our members. Every student has the ability to run for any position on Students Council. There are elected representatives on each campus. The number of representatives is determined by the number of students enrolled at each campus.